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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

RM38.80 (feeds 2 - 3 pax) instead of RM94

RM38.80 (feeds 2 - 3 pax) instead of RM94 for 
Steam Rice + Meng Kom + Kerabu Mango + Vegetables of the day + Thai Steam Fish Fillet + Green Curry Chicken + Tom Yam Seafood + Stuffed Crab + Chinese Tea 
at Bravo Cafe, Jalan Chow Thye, Penang. 
Burn your tongue with these selection of Thai food at Bravo Cafe. 
Burn more tongues as this meal feeds 2-3 people! 
Savour the thai food and heighten your sweet and sour taste buds too. 
Go on, munch on, and bring your friends along too. 
Grab this MAD deal HERE!